Update Your Home with These Bathtub Refinishing Trends

April 7, 2022

Even when you love your home, if you have an outdated bathroom, it can make the whole property feel run down. It doesn’t take much for a bathroom to look shabby–just a few broken tiles or an out-of-style vanity or bathtub will stand out in an otherwise stylish home. You don’t have to take on the expense or hassle of a complete bathroom renovation to update your home. Bathtub refinishing is an affordable way to get the high-end appearance you want for your home without the investment of remodeling.

Bold colors

All-white bathrooms soaked in light have been trendy for a while now. Still, stylish homeowners incorporate bold design choices to create dynamic spaces––even in the bathroom. Choosing one aspect of your bathroom to highlight, such as your tub, makes a focal point in the room.

If you like where your tub is located, but aren’t a fan of the material or color, bathtub refinishing can give it the appearance of quartz, granite, or Silestone. You can pick the exact color and texture that will look brand-new for years to come.

Gray and Black

Gray has been a popular base color for many homes, especially when owners are remodeling and upgrading before selling. Lighter shades of gray provide plenty of freedom for daring wall colors and finishes.

However, as bold becomes trendier, some homeowners opt for darker grays and blacks for their bathrooms. A daring black countertop or bathtub surround is a way for your home to stand out in the market with its unique style.

Contrasting textures

Adding new textures to your bathroom is a great way to reinvigorate what might be an otherwise dull or bland room. Instead of the expense of installing new tile or a stone vanity, you can reglaze your existing fixtures and get a like-new finish in the bathroom, usually within two days.

Consider using bathtub refinishing to give your tub, shower, or surround the appearance of Silestone, quartz, or granite to contract your existing tile or vinyl. New Finish Tub and Counter works with homeowners to find the perfect finish for their property.


All-white bathrooms can feel stagnant or boring to some. To others, their bright surfaces are ideal. If you want to renovate a vintage bathroom in a recently purchased home while staying on budget, going with an all-white design will upgrade your property without a huge investment.

If you’re dealing with a pink or avocado bathtub, refinishing will make your bathroom look like it’s in the current decade in just a few days.

What is bathtub refinishing?

Many people haven’t heard of bathtub refinishing before. You’re not alone if you thought the only option for upgrading your tub was to replace it with a brand new fixture. Bathtub refinishing is more affordable, quicker to install, and doesn’t require any plumbing work. Instead, reglazing goes right over your existing tub, regardless of the material.

For cracked and chipped shower pans, refinishing will repair it before applying a chemical surface that will give your bathtub a brand new appearance. A reglazed surface requires gentle cleaning (no bleach or harsh chemicals), but it can last for up to 20 years with proper care.

New Finish Tub and Counter helps Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners transform bathrooms with bathtub refinishing.

We specialize in working with homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s appearance without the price tag of brand new granite, tile, Silestone, or quartz. You can get the high-end appearance you want for your home without the hassle and expense of full demolition and installation. New Finish Tub and Counter services usually take just two days to complete. You can start using your new countertops, tub, or vanity on the third day. Refinished tubs and counters offer a great return on investment for homeowners getting ready to sell and come with a 5-year warranty (2-year for rental properties).

Reach out for a free quote for your project from New Finish and Tub, the Dallas-Fort Worth experts in bathtub refinishing.

Image of the results from Dallas Fort Worth bathtub refinishing.