Tub Refinishing in Dallas vs. Replacing

January 7, 2023

If you’ve decided to give your home a facelift, one of the areas you are likely to look at first are the bathrooms. You’ll want to take stock of the condition of your bathroom, with a particular focus on the flooring, walls, and bathtub. If your tub is faded or completely worn out, you may consider replacing or refinishing it.

This article will explain several ways to decide between tub refinishing in Dallas vs. replacing.

1. Cost and convenience

If you are working on a tight budget for your bathroom remodelation, it’s worth considering bathtub refinishing since it’s more affordable than purchasing a new tub. You are likely to spend more on a replacement as you must factor in the cost of removing the existing bathtub and installing a new one. It can also be disruptive to your home if it is bigger or has a different shape.

However, keep in mind that the cost of bathtub refinishing may vary depending on the materials used in the finishing as well as the labor involved. Your bathtub may also be beyond the point of repair if it has several deep cracks or chips.

2. Obsolete or worn out

Bathtubs that are worn out or that have not been used in a long time may require extensive repairs, which could exceed the cost of a bathtub replacement. If you feel your tub is outdated or no longer fulfills your expectations, it’s worth purchasing a new one. That’s because frequent repair costs will be higher if the bathtub finish is worn out, as it will require regular maintenance to keep in good shape.

3. Damage severity

Fiberglass, steel, and cast-iron bathtubs can easily be refinished, saving you the cost of purchasing a new tub. But if your old bathtub has significantly damaged areas, huge dents, or rust, it can only be fixed through replacement. To determine the severity of bathtub damage, consider bringing in an expert to assess whether replacement or refinishing will be a better option. If your bathtub only has minor dents or scratches, it can typically be fixed through refinishing rather than replacing the entire fixture.

4. Selling or remodeling your home

Experts recommend upgrading your kitchen and bathroom if you plan to sell your home. The reason is that adding new fixtures in these areas can increase the value of your home. Most homebuyers look for top-notch features in their dream houses and are willing to pay more for a well-furnished home. You can make an impact in your bathrooms by upgrading the fixtures that are more conspicuous. Purchasing a new tub allows you to show it off and up your decor game.

Contact New Finish Tub and Counter for tub refinishing or replacement.

At New Finish Tub and Counter, we specialize in working with homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s appearance without the price tag. You can get the high-end appearance you want for your bathroom without the hassle and expense of full demolition and installation. Our services generally take about two days to complete, and you can start using your new tub on the third day. Refinished tubs and counters offer a great return on investment for homeowners getting ready to sell and come with a five-year warranty (two-year warranties for rental properties).

Reach out for a free quote for your project from New Finish and Tub, the Dallas-Fort Worth experts in bathtub refinishing and replacement.

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