Trends In Bathroom Design For 2020

January 21, 2020

Renovating a bathroom brings a powerful impact to your entire home. Traditionally, bathrooms have offered Spartan levels of style and comfort, but we want to change this.

Today’s homeowners see these rooms differently. Increasingly, many want to use their bathrooms to evoke their own sense of style and preferences for relaxation.

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Below we have laid out a few of the bathroom design trends we expect to see over the next year.

Biophilic Designs Are In

“Biophilic” refers to a design that invokes natural aspects and elements. These can include pictures, feature walls, natural looking materials, or natural features such as plants, rocks, etc.

This design reflects an overall trend toward bringing more of the great outdoors inside. Many of our urban-based customers enjoy this look, as unfettered views of nature are a rarity in the city.

Unexpected Uses For Wood

This biophilic trend goes hand in hand with increasing use of wood elements in bathroom design.

One feature that attracted our attention is the wooden sink. Modern design techniques can now produce beautiful wooden sinks that feature natural wood grain and color. Advanced processes render the wood waterproof, securing a resilient material can beautify your bathroom for decades.

Open Up the Shower

This trend has emerged at the forefront of new bathroom design techniques in recent years. In our view, the clear glass partitions in showers, instead of curtains or glazed glass, are here to stay.

Opening up the shower in this way creates the illusion of a larger room. Additionally, the shower wall can incorporate a number of interesting designs and patterns that will no longer be hidden away.

Now that the horrible trend of carpeting in the bathroom has come to an end, your tile floors won't care if they get a little wetter than with a glass enclosure. So rather than using frame-less glass, many of our customers are simply leaving the glass off! None! And changing to a low pressure high volume "rainfall" style showerhead and opting for the "walk-in shower" look. This makes the room look much larger, cuts back even more than refinishing itself on mold and mildew, saves a TON of money, AND... best of all? There's nothing to clean! It's a little chilly but that's what hot water is for!"

The Terrazzo Trend

Terrazzo provides a playful and attractive way to make your bathroom stand out. Composed of irregular shaped pieces of tile or other substances, terrazzo evokes the image of classical Roman baths and other timeless looks. 

It can include a mix of tile types, marbles, glass, and other substances placed in cement. 

Many of our clients have chosen an open shower look to allow for full appreciation of a lovely terrazzo effect on the wall. 

Stand Alone Tubs and Sinks

Another trend that we expect to see over the next year is the rise of stand alone tubs and sinks.

Showers with built in tubs are rarely used for traditional tub bathing. Their constrictive look and feel shut down thoughts of luxury and calm. A stand alone bathtub, however, invites you to enter and relax. Few choices elevate the style and function of a bathroom more.

Sinks that stand alone also provide that “luxe” look and feel. Alongside tubs, expect to see more sinks liberated from vanities and counters this year.

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