Tile repair vs. replacement: tile experts in Dallas explain

April 30, 2021

Making home improvements comes with many tough decisions. Is it time to rip out the old and put in something new? Can I get a repair done to spruce up what I already have? Tile can be especially difficult when it comes to making this decision. If you’re trying to make the decision between tile repair and replacement, the tile experts in Dallas with New Finish Tub and Counter can help. Keep reading for three things to consider.

Overall state of your tile

It doesn’t matter if it’s flooring tile or your countertops, your tile will take a beating over the years. Chips and cracks happen, so it’s important to consider the overall state of your tile when you’re deciding between tile repair or replacement. There gets to be a point when the damaged tile has reached a point beyond repair and it needs to be replaced. This would be if you have loose tiles that are a safety issue, tiles that have completely broken, or a tile that has somehow gone missing. That being said, our team of experts is excellent at what they do and has the ability to complete most tile repairs when they can be done. Stains, chips, crumbling grout, or faded color can all be repaired with the help of one of our experts.

How you feel about the tile

Consider how you feel about the tile that you’re questioning. Is it an aspect of your home that you truly love? Or would you like to make a change and bring in a new design? Weigh your options and take into account how you feel about the rest of the tile. There are times that a full replacement is just what you need. On the other hand, a small repair can bring the ensemble back together and create a fresh, clean look that you love.

Your budget

Depending on the size of the repair, there can be a vast difference between tile repair and replacement. Tile repair can be as small as one chipped tile or as large as re-grouting many areas in your flooring or countertop. The cost of these repairs can add up based on the amount of labor and materials that are used. However, a full tile replacement is a much more costly option. Having new tile laid throughout your home or across your entire counter will cost much more in materials and labor than what you would pay to have individual tiles or grouting repaired. If you feel that you want something new but it doesn’t quite fit in your budget, repairs are probably the way to go for the present.

Your availability

Life moves pretty fast. At New Finish Tub and Counter, we understand if you don’t always have time to have your living room or kitchen is torn up for even a day to complete a full tile replacement. Tile repair is a much more viable option for a family that doesn’t have the spare time to be around the house for a work crew to replace your tile. Repairs are much more efficient and you’ll be able to get back to your life more quickly.

Call our experts

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should repair or replace your tile, give us a call today at New Finish Tub and Counter. Our team of experts will come out and evaluate your tile and have a conversation with you about your options. Should you decide tile repair in Dallas is what’s best for you, we’ll gladly perform any repairs that you need to be done. Give us a call today at 214-960-9550 or send us a message using our contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you and restoring your tile via repair or replacement.

Tile repair vs. replacement: tile experts in Dallas explain