Tile Repair and Refinishing Can Make Your Home Easier to Sell

September 12, 2022

Your realtor will tell you that you should indeed update your bathroom before selling your home. In fact, buyers look at kitchens and bathrooms when buying. They often consider these the two most important rooms in the home. If your bathroom is worn out, outdated, or unattractive, updating it will definitely help your home sell better. 

Replacing tubs, countertops, and floors can get expensive, and often, you don't want to spend that money if you're leaving the home. But you don't have to. Tile repair and refinishing is an affordable option that can give your bathroom a new look and help you bring in the highest dollar amount for your home when selling.

Benefits of Tile Repair and Refinishing

Home buyers are looking for places they can move into that don't need repairs or remodeling. They want a place that is move-in-ready, and when they are hunting, they like to envision the house as it will be when they put their furnishings in it. Clean, sparkling, updated bathrooms are a part of that.

Higher Resale Value

The work you put into your bathroom will recreate a return on investment for you when selling. Updating bathrooms often increases the value of your home. By repairing broken tiles and refinishing tubs and countertops, you are making your bathroom look brand-new again, and a buyer will take that into consideration when making you an offer on your home.

Save Money

Renovating a bathroom gets expensive. Bathroom remodels can often cost in the $10,000-or-more range. Repairing or refinishing generally costs 90% less than a traditional remodel, and in many cases has a lifetime warranty. Instead of spending that much on a house you aren't planning on staying in, save most of that money by refinishing what you currently have. With finishings coming in different colors, and tile repair available, you don't need to start over. Simply go over the top of what you have with finishing products to create a whole new look and feel in the room.

Save Time

Bathroom remodels take time, sometimes weeks, but by repairing and refinishing what you currently have, you can save much of that time and get your house on the market sooner while still making it look brand-new. Most tile repair and refinishing jobs take only one day. Tub refinishing also often only takes one day.

Definitely Worth the Investment

Overall, if your bathroom is structurally in good shape and is relatively new, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a major renovation. A few simple changes such as refinishing your tub and countertops or repairing and replacing any broken tiles will be enough to get you a buyer quickly. 

Finishing work can easily brighten a room and make it look clean and fresh again. And you'll be much more likely to recoup these costs when you sell your home. Doing a complete overhaul often comes with a price tag that does not see a return on investment during the selling process. 

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