Sink reglazing in Ft. Worth: a great alternative to remodeling

April 18, 2022

If you need bathroom remodeling, you know firsthand how expensive it is. Fortunately, for those on a budget, there are alternatives for restoring your bathroom space and adding value to your home, like sink reglazing in Fort Worth. At New Finish Tub and Counter, we are the premier bathroom and kitchen refinishing firm in Fort Worth and specialize in rendering unrivaled refinishing services for homeowners on a budget. Our affordable, efficient, and attentive services boast an unmatched turnaround.

Here is everything you need to know about sink reglazing:

What is sink reglazing?

When considering sink reglazing in Fort Worth as an alternative to bathroom remodeling, you must first understand what it is.

Sink reglazing entails refinishing a porcelain sink, sealing it, and restoring it to look brand new. Ultimately, reglazing is a significantly cheaper way for those on a budget to restore the atmosphere and aesthetic of their bathroom space.

The reglazing process involves cleaning the sink, removing the hardware, sanding the sink down, and applying an acid paste to roughen the surface and eliminate imperfections. Afterward, specialists apply a new coat of epoxy to your sink, which seals and restores the finish.

This process renders your sink as good as new. Here is what makes sink reglazing an excellent alternative to remodeling:

It is faster than remodeling.

A benefit of considering sink reglazing in Fort Worth as an alternative to bathroom remodeling is it is significantly faster. Remodeling requires replacing your sink entirely. This process is incredibly time-consuming.

Reglazing requires just a few days. Between removing your old sink, installing the new one, taking care of the plumbing, cleaning up the mess, and replacing tiles, remodeling often takes one to two weeks, which is a significant disruption.

Reglazing can even take just a few hours depending on your sink, but it will often be done and ready for light use within two days maximum.

Reglazing increases your sink’s lifespan.

Sink reglazing in Fort Worth is an excellent alternative to remodeling because they serve similar functions. When considering remodeling, you are adding to the lifespan of your bathroom and increasing its longevity.

With sink reglazing, you are effectively doing the same thing. Better yet, when professionals conduct reglazing work, it can elongate your sink’s lifespan by up to 15 years. Plus, reglazing enables you to achieve a fresh and new-looking bathroom space for significantly less money.

The reglazing process repairs small cracks and chips and restores the entire surface, renewing your sink and enabling you to use it for much longer.

It enables you to recreate the aesthetic.

Another reason sink reglazing in Fort Worth is a great alternative to remodeling is it allows you to recreate your space's aesthetic. Ultimately, remodeling is about more than just restoring your bathroom space.

Remodeling is a second chance to cultivate the perfect space for you and your tastes. When reglazing your sink, you can also pick the color of your choice, which is an excellent and affordable way to breathe new life into your bathroom space and tailor it to your precise tastes.

Ultimately, remodeling is about reinventing your space and increasing its lifespan, and reglazing enables that at a significantly lower price.

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If you need to restore your bathroom space but are wary of paying exorbitant remodeling costs, our sink reglazing services in Fort Worth are an unequaled solution. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are sure we can help, and we cherish providing free advice and color samples to help you fall in love with your home all over again. Call now to get started with our unrivaled reglazing solutions!

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