Top 5 warning signs you need bathtub repair in Dallas

August 2, 2021

Certain items in your home will need to be replaced or repaired over the years. An oven that no longer warms up will need the heating element replaced, an air conditioning unit that isn’t cooling down your home could need more freon, and a bathtub that leaks will need repairs. At New Finish Tub and Counter, we can definitely help with the last of those three home repairs as we specialize in bathtub repair in Dallas. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need repairs performed on your bathtub, keep reading to learn about five warning signs.

It’s leaking

This is the big one as a leaking bathtub can cause severe water damage in your home that could potentially lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Signs that your bathtub is leaking can include but are not limited to:

  • Puddles of water outside the bathtub
  • Water spots on the wall or flooring
  • Weak floors
  • Mold growing outside the bathtub
  • It doesn’t hold water when the drain is plugged

A leaking bathtub is a major problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible and our team of experts can get it done for you.

It has mold and mildew

Humid climates like Dallas can make it difficult for your bathtub to dry completely. This can be the case even if your bathtub doesn’t leak. The accumulation of mold and mildew is not only unsightly but can be dangerous to you and others who live in your home. Using your bathtub can cause mold spores to release from the colony where it’s growing and release into the air in your home. This can make you sick or exacerbate medical conditions in those who already have a hard time breathing. Mold that is difficult to get rid of with cleaners can be removed with the help of professional repairs.

Its color has faded or changed

You might not notice it every day, but there’s a chance your bathtub has changed color over the years. It might have gone from pure white to cream or even a pale yellow-brown color. When this happens, you need to have the surface cleaned and refinished to keep it from sustaining any future damage that can be much more costly. This is easily repaired and costs much less than taking care of chips or cracks since the finish has clearly worn down.

It’s stained and doesn’t come clean

Stains from dirt and grime should easily come off your bathtub with the help of cleaners. If you’re having a difficult time getting your tub clean, it is likely it needs to be repaired. Our bathtub repair service involved buffing out stains that have been set deep into the material that your tub is made of so it looks like it’s new again. Additionally, refinishing the tub protects it from getting future stains that won’t come clean.

It’s chipped or cracked

Minor chips and cracks in your bathtub can turn into major issues. Whether they’re around the rim of a freestanding tub or in the wall of an alcove bath and shower combo cracks always run the risk of spreading and causing further problems. What seems like a small chip can eventually turn into a large crack that creates an opening for water to escape.

Contact us to get started

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Top 5 warning signs you need bathtub repair in Dallas