Is It Worth It to Have a Bathtub Refinished?

December 3, 2022

Bathing has a long and detailed history that comes with many scientifically proven health benefits that improve both your physical and mental health. But your soak may not be as relaxing as you would like if your tub is stained or chipped. However, this doesn’t mean you need to head to the nearest store to buy a new one and replace it.

This guide will explain when it’s worth having your bathtub refinished by an expert like New Finish Tub and Counter.

What is bathtub refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, also referred to as bathtub reglazing or reciting, is a purely cosmetic repair that removes small surface imperfections and makes your tub look new again.

A bathtub repair expert will typically begin surfacing your tub by sanding down the surface to remove any light scratches or stains. After that, they’ll fill in any remaining cracks or chips and cover it with a coat of primer and paint. They may add multiple coats of paint depending on how much work your tub needs. After the painting is done, the bathtub repair expert will do one last buffing.

When should you refinish your tub?

If your bathtub is in good working condition, it’s likely worth saving. Refinishing can turn the imperfections of your tub back into a smooth surface if it’s not too far gone.

Here’s how you can tell if resurfacing is the right option for your tub.


Over time, your bathtub will likely start to stain or turn a weird, yellowish color at some point. This applies even if you clean your tub regularly. Whether your tub stains are light or dark, resurfacing them can turn them white again. The sanding and repainting process will remove the stains in your tub or cover them up so you can’t see them anymore.


When your tub is refinished, all the small and shall scratches will be filled in. This even applies to cracks in your tub. However, you shouldn’t refinish your tub if it has more than one major crack, as it could damage the structural integrity of your tub or cause leaks. It may be better to replace your tub if it has serious cracks. Otherwise, it could turn into a flood zone without any warning.

Tight budget

Refinishing your tub is often cheaper than replacing it. That’s because you not only have to have money to invest in the purchase but also to get it out of your house. This means you’ll need to pay a professional to remove and dispose of it for you.

If you don’t have excess funds, refinishing your tub can extend its life for less money. This can essentially give you a new tub without draining your bank account.

New Finish Tub and Counter helps Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners transform bathrooms with bathtub refinishing.

We specialize in working with homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s appearance without the price tag of brand-new granite, tile, Silestone, or quartz. You can get the high-end appearance you want for your home without the hassle and expense of full demolition and installation. New Finish Tub and Counter services usually take just two days to complete. You can start using your new countertops, tub, or vanity on the third day. Refinished tubs and counters offer a great return on investment for homeowners getting ready to sell and come with a five-year warranty (two-year warranties for rental properties).

Reach out for a free quote for your project from New Finish and Tub, the Dallas-Fort Worth experts in bathtub refinishing.

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