How to Sell Your House Without a Big Renovation: Kitchen Refinishing Edition

July 8, 2020

Let’s face it: preparing to sell your home is a big project, both physically and mentally—especially if kitchen refinishing is on the list. But it doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking or daunting endeavor when you find the right company to help you save while drastically improving the kitchen’s look, feel, and—most importantly—quality.

But did you know you can still get the classic look of granite and other traditionally expensive materials at a fraction of the price by refinishing? Even over tile? Choosing this not only spares you the hefty price tag of granite but offers a resilient alternative that’s sure to hold up and creates an impressive look in your kitchen.

Refinishing over tile is an excellent option for getting your home in the best condition before putting it on the market. It’s a relatively quick solution that can help you add value (and style) to your home without the additional burden of factoring in exorbitant remodeling costs.

Your options don’t stop at tile, though. Many homeowners have existing laminate countertops as another alternative to more expensive surfaces. Builders used this to appeal to a wide swath of population with a very affordable price. Refinishing over laminate offers options particularly with New Finish because we take the added step of using a router, a belt-sander and then a palm-sander to round-off the tell-tale square edges and corners! It sounds like a minor step but almost no one else does it and it makes a massive impression, not to mention reduces failure rates to almost nil --- hence the lifetime warranty! In fact many customers are so shocked, they keep refinishing in mind for their new home! One of our most common laments is "Wow... it looks so NICE now and we're LEAVING! We should have done this years ago! Can you guys do this in Albuquerque?" (no, but we can refer you to someone who can) Nicely refinished and rounded laminate countertops can give the impression of more expensive materials, like marble, hardwood, quartz, soapstone, ceramic, and more. And none of those comes with a lifetime warranty... so.... yeah.

Which Option is Right for Your Home?

We know you have many responsibilities competing for your attention when planning a move. But taking the time to determine which option is right for your kitchen’s look, feel, and needs can mean the difference between a potential buyer purchasing your home and your home remaining on the market for a while. Oftentimes the cost to refinish is about the same as that extra mortgage payment you're making because you didn't!

When you’re deciding which areas of your kitchen will receive an upgrade before you move, ask yourself this: would I move into this home with the kitchen in its current condition? If you have to think about it or the answer is an immediate no, ask yourself why that is. Once you consider what you dislike about the kitchen, you can then begin deciding exactly how to give it the look it and the new homeowners deserve. If you feel good about it, others likely will, too. We're visual creatures, we humans, and even though you think the price may reflect the cost of a kitchen upgrade --- and it may! --- most of us just aren't wired to "see" it.

Let New Finish Tub and Counter Help You Upgrade Your Kitchen

Don’t let the stress of putting your home on the market keep you from getting the most affordable kitchen refinishing services you deserve.

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