Get Your Dream Bath and Kitchen on a Budget by Refinishing

February 26, 2021

You have options if you’re dreaming about a kitchen or bathroom remodel but don’t have a big budget. Maybe you’re getting ready to sell and don’t want to invest big money in the property. Revitalizing your dull or run-down rooms doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or take up a lot of time with demolition and renovation. With bath and kitchen refinishing in Dallas, you can get luxury finishes at a fraction of the cost.

What are bathroom and kitchen refinishing?

The bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms that people most often want to remodel. Built-in features, like sinks, cabinets, and counters, reveal a home’s age more readily than other rooms, where you can update by tearing down wallpaper or repainting.

Refinishing can be done on most countertop surfaces including tile and cultured marble. Skilled technicians apply a hard acrylic, which is durable and more affordable than a full countertop replacement. It coats the existing countertop, giving the room a fresh appearance without the hassle of demolition and installation.

How can I refinish my bathroom?

New Finish Tub and Counter can refinish almost any surface in your bathroom; sink surrounds, tiles, and tubs. Instead of taking on the hassle and cost of a tub replacement, we can repair your chipped or worn-down tub and refinish it, so it looks brand new. Here are a few of our bathroom refinishing services:

  • Tub tile surrounds
  • Cultured marble vanities
  • Garden, Roman, and jacuzzi tubs
  • Stained and cracked shower pans

Whatever condition your bathroom is in, bath and kitchen refinishing in Dallas can get it looking new–faster and cheaper than renovating.

What does refinishing a kitchen do?

Whatever your kitchen counters’ condition or material, bath and kitchen refinishing experts in Dallas can repair them. With a fresh coat of acrylic, they’ll look brand new.

We’ll provide a free estimate for the work, plus expert guidance regarding the finish and color to make your outdated kitchen looking contemporary. Countertop refinishing works with most countertop materials, including both tile and laminate. If you wince every time you walk into your kitchen or dread cooking because of the countertops, it’s time to refinish.

Refinishing your bathroom or kitchen is more affordable than replacing countertops and tubs.

Renovating your home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Whether you’re on a budget, selling your home, or don’t want to over-invest in the property, bath and kitchen refinishing in Dallas is the solution.

If you have unique countertops with intricate curves and angles in particular, refinishing can offer substantial savings. On average, homeowners save 30% to 50% compared to replacement.

Besides the cost savings, you also get your bathroom or kitchen back in working order faster than with the stress and hassle of demolition, clean up, and installation. The New Finish Tub and Counter team works quickly, no matter the size of the job, so you can get back to life or get your home on the market sooner.

Get affordable bath and kitchen refinishing in Dallas by contacting New Finish Tub and Counter.

We’re the trusted bathroom and kitchen refinishers in Dallas who provide high-quality surfaces at a fraction of the cost of stone or tile. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom on a budget, we can help you get the look you want without spending a lot.

Regardless of the size of the job, our professional team usually finishes in two days or and you can start using the room on the third! Get started today with your free estimate, and we’ll bring samples and expert advice to your home.

Bath and kitchen refinishing in Dallas can give your home an updated look for less time and money than traditional renovation.