Why include a countertop resurfacing with your Dallas bathroom design

October 20, 2021

Remodeling any part of your home is going to be a major project, but redoing your bathroom can have a major impact on your everyday life. No matter how deep you want to go in creating a new look in your bathroom, you can make it easier on yourself by including a countertop resurfacing with your Dallas bathroom design. If you hadn’t considered this option, our team at New Finish Tub and Counter has six great reasons you should.

Update your vanity

After your bathroom is remodeled, your vanity is going to feel outdated and old if you don’t do anything about the countertop. You could have updated everything in your bathroom from the bathtub to the lighting to the floors, but the countertop is one of the few places that is used nearly every time someone enters the room. Update your vanity by resurfacing the countertop so it matches the rest of your new bathroom.

Cheaper than replacing the entire countertop

Even if your small vanity has a countertop that’s two feet by four feet, it’s going to cost more to replace the countertop than resurface it. Keep in mind that when it comes to resurfacing, there’s more to the process than simply putting a new laminate on top. You can choose a new color as a new laminate will be put on after any necessary repairs are finished so it still feels like you’ve gotten a new countertop. Instead, you’ve saved yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars in your remodel budget.

Improve project completion time

If you were to completely replace your countertop, you would have to wait for a contractor to out to your house and measure what you currently have, then order a new countertop to be sourced and cut, then they can bring it back to install. This could add significant time to your project and slow down the process. Resurfacing usually takes between four to six hours to complete. This means that your countertop will be nothing more than a minor blip on the radar of your remodel crew.

Makes your counter look like new

As we previously mentioned, everything in your bathroom is going to look new after a remodel. A resurfaced countertop looks like new and will continue to for many years down the road. Resurfacing is the less expensive of the two options and people will still think that your counter was a significant part of your redesign.

It’s the eco-friendly option

If you’re thinking about making the change from a vinyl countertop to marble or quartz, take some time to consider the ecological ramifications of this decision. The materials used to fabricate a stone countertop has to be sourced from a quarry. These quarries are often located in a rain forest in South America, which means that it’s contributed to the deforestation and destruction of habitats in the area. You can help to reduce your carbon footprint and that of a countertop company by choosing to resurface your counter rather than replace it.

Repair damage sustained during remodel

Your remodel crew can cover anything they want with plastic to keep it from getting too dirty or dripping paint, but that covering won’t protect your countertop from the tip of a dropped screwdriver. If you’d like to wait until your remodel is finished, you can resurface your countertop to repair any damage that was sustained during the project.

Contact us to get started

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Why include a countertop resurfacing with your Dallas bathroom design