Cost-Saving Tips for a Shower Remodel in Fort Worth

November 2, 2022

If you’re considering a shower remodel for your Fort Worth home, you may think it will break the bank. And it can be true if you decide to go the luxury shower route. But if you’re just looking to upgrade your shower, there are several cost-effective things you can do to save money on a custom shower remodel. Read to learn more about our cost-savings tips.

1. Don’t move the plumbing.

The cost of goods is rising, along with labor. This means plumbing costs are getting more expensive instead of less as skilled plumbers and contractors are being well compensated for their skills. One of the ways to save on shower remodel costs is to keep your toilet and shower in the same place. However, you could consider updating the plumbing, as it can be cost effective and make a big impact.

2. Don’t buy the wrong curb height.

One costly mistake made in shower remodels is using a shower pan with a tall curb, which does not work for a family member with mobility issues. Consider choosing a low-profile shower as they look sleek and stylish and can help save on unwanted hospital stays if a loved one trips and falls on their way in.

3. Avoid purchasing a linear drain.

While linear drains can quickly move water from a shower floor plan, they cost hundreds of dollars more than a custom shower pan with a standard two-inch drain. Instead of splurging on a new drain, you can put the money you would have spent towards upgrading your shower fixtures, wall panels, or shower door.

4. Choose grout-free wall panels.

Custom tile shower designs are limitless. But while intricate tile designs are fun, they require a high skill level to create and need an experienced craftsman/craftswomen to install. This essentially means that they don’t come cheap. In addition, they are costly to maintain, especially if you do all the cleaning yourself.

However, there is a solution if you like intricate tile designs without high costs. You can choose laminate shower walls to get fun designs while eliminating grout jobs and expensive labor installation costs.

5. Use a clear shower door.

While a frosted glass shower door can reduce spotting, purchasing a clear glass shower door will help keep your costs down. Frosted glass shower doors typically cost $150 to $600 more than a clear shower door, which provides unobstructed views of your stylist tile or grout-free wall panels.

However, if you have a gold rimmed glass door, consider swapping it out for a new shower door to open up your layout even further.

6. Select a pivot glass shower door.

Pivoting doors may not be the right solution for every shower remodel in Fort Worth, but they are worth considering because they are less expensive. This is because they need less hardware than sliding or bypass shower doors, which helps keep overall costs down.

Contact New Finish Tub and Counter for your shower remodel in Fort Worth!

During a consultation, the New Finish Tub and Counter team provides years of expert advice to help clients find the perfect color and finish to fit their home’s aesthetic. Because of our years working in bathroom refinishing, we can offer confident expertise and answer questions about every aspect of our services. Behind the high-quality materials and techniques, we deliver unparalleled customer service that makes kitchen and bathroom refinishing stress-free.

If you decide to save and refinish your bathroom instead of remodeling, we can remove all the old gold trim glass, fill in the holes and notches, and remove old caulk and reseal with an adhesive. We can also take out and replace old faucets, drains, and shower heads, and resurface the shower, the tile, and wills to make it look brand new. Refinishing your bathroom may not be as nice as a traditional full-scale remodel, but it’s 90% cheaper. Most large bathrooms can be refinished for under $2,000 and come with a lifetime warranty. Compare that to a $40,000 remodel - 95% cheaper!

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