5 Ways To Do A Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

August 4, 2020

When you’re looking for professional shower finishing, new cabinets, sharper-looking countertops, and maybe even a fresh sink head, that means it’s time for a bathroom makeover. Redoing and updating the infrastructure of any room in your home is always a costly venture, but with the proper advice in mind, you can do it for much cheaper than you anticipated. Below we discuss the 4 best ways to redo your bathroom on a budget.

Reuse old and existing materials.

Not every section of your bathroom and existing materials will require replacement. In fact, working around existing countertops or tile can help provide some initial design direction. If you’re happy with certain aspects that are already installed, consider keeping them and investing the money into other crucial areas. The less heavy labor that is required, the more money you can save and allocate to different areas.

Buy used materials.

Sometimes you can find beautiful, used materials that only require a few minor touchup efforts to make appear new. Look for materials from older homes that are beginning to gut and scrap cabinets, countertops, sinks, and even elegant light fixtures. Try to browse the internet for advertisements and individual sellers looking to get rid of some old materials they have sitting around, but want to fetch a small price for. We recommend that you consult a professional before making a second-hand purchase.

Limit the amount of laborious jobs.

Certain jobs like tiling requires hard work and more time to complete. It is important that you consider the labor costs associated with completing a remodeling, and reduce the amount of tedious and extraneous projects. It is important that you consult the expertise of a professional to receive an accurate assessment and clear idea of what areas of improvement will require the most work, and devise solutions that will help you reduce the capital you’re going to ultimately invest in the job.

Go green!

Update light fixtures and other essential bathroom applications and components to the green standard! While you help save the planet, you’ll also save some money. With energy reducing technology, you won’t have to worry about hefty electricity bills or wasting precious resources.

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