6 benefits of refinishing countertops in your kitchen

November 5, 2020

For as much time as you spend in the kitchen, you want it to be a room you enjoy. However, as the years go by, kitchens can begin to look outdated, especially the countertops. Kitchen countertops may also begin to show signs of wear and tear. You could replace the countertops, but that’s often costly and usually unnecessary. Instead, consider refinishing them. Here’s a look at five reasons why you should refinish your kitchen countertops.

1. Makes old countertops look like new

Old countertops can make your kitchen look outdated. They may also not be in the best condition, showing signs of wear and tear and other damage, such as cuts, scratches, and yellowing. Refinishing countertops is a great way to make them look like new and to refresh the look and feel of your kitchen. We can fix scratches, help you make the most out of your existing counters, and help you achieve the style of kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.

2. Less expensive than replacing

When it comes to giving your kitchen a makeover, replacing the countertops is another popular choice. However, it can be an expensive choice. Spending so much money to replace countertops is also typically unnecessary, as the countertop itself is often in good condition; it’s just the surface that needs to be refinished. Refinishing your kitchen countertops is a less expensive option than fully replacing them, helping you to improve the look of your kitchen while saving money.

3. Wide range of options available

When you choose to refinish your kitchen countertops instead of replace them, you still have a ton of options to get the look you’re going for. Whether you want the appearance of Stilestone, tile, quartz, granite, or something else, we can make that happen through countertop refinishing. You get the visual appeal of expensive materials without the high price tag. At New Finish Tub and Counter, we can refinish tile countertops and laminate countertops, and also perform chip repairs and stain removals to make your countertops look their best.

4. Better for the environment

What happens to the old countertops once they’ve been replaced? Most likely, they’ll end up in the landfill. By having your kitchen countertops refinished instead of replaced, you prevent countertops from ending up in the landfill and you don’t need materials from rainforest quarries.

5. Increase your home’s value

The kitchen is a major selling feature of your home. If the countertops look outdated or appear to be in poor condition, potential buyers may have negative opinions of your kitchen and become less interested in purchasing your home. Alternatively, a visually appealing kitchen can lead to buyers being more interested in purchasing your home. It can also lead to you being able to increase your asking price. Refinishing counters in your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home.

6. No granite sealing

Real granite countertops often need to be sealed in order to help keep them clean and in good condition. With refinished countertops, you get a look that’s very close to real granite without the hassle of sealing. It’s a great option that looks incredible over nicely shaped but dated slabs.

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This is a picture of a kitchen counter after refinishing countertops.