4 Easy Porcelain Tub Repair Tips

March 30, 2023

Your home’s bathroom is an oasis for escaping the daily grind and finding a place for ultimate relaxation. However, if you have a chipped bathtub, that oasis can quickly turn into a constant reminder of a nuisance you have to deal with. Luckily, small chips don’t require you to buy an expensive replacement tub.

More often than not, it can be fixed with some simple porcelain tub repairs. Depending on the severity of the damage, it might require professional attention, but if you want to try a fix yourself, consider these helpful repair tips.

Benefits of a porcelain tub.

Before diving right into the porcelain tub repair tips, it’s helpful to know why this type of bathtub is so popular and why so many people choose it. Porcelain tubs are typically made out of steel, and then they are covered in a glossy porcelain finish. Not only does this give the tub a beautiful, glossy sheen to it, but it serves other benefits too.

Porcelain tubs tend to have very little weight compared to other materials, so it’s easier to transport and install. Plus, they have incredible durability and can withstand scratches and stains from everyday usage. You can also clean them quickly because of the porcelain finish that deters aesthetic damage. Despite these many benefits, porcelain tubs do have a downside. One of which is that they can become chipped, but when that happens, you can simply follow these steps.

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How to perform porcelain tub repairs.

Assess the damage and gather materials.

Before buying any materials for your porcelain tub repair, you need to understand the extent of the damage. You can do this easily with a visual inspection. Note the severity of the chip and where it occurred. You can take notes during this phase. That will come in handy when you go to purchase the supplies you need. The most crucial thing you’ll need is epoxy putty that matches the tub’s color. Other supplies you’ll need include a sponge, painter’s tape, sandpaper, and a putty knife.

Prepare the area.

With all the supplies handy, the next thing you need to do is make sure the work area is safe and ready for the repairs. Clean the affected area thoroughly, then ensure it’s completely dry before doing anything else. Once it dries, line the borders of the chip with your tape and lay down a tarp on the floor to avoid unnecessary spillage.

Apply the epoxy.

Now that everything’s prepared, you can start the actual porcelain tub repairs. Apply the epoxy to the chipped area until it’s filled in. Then, use your putty knife or a razor blade to remove any excess that’s left over. Once it’s all removed, you can take off the tape and leave the mixture to dry.

Sand and polish.

After the epoxy has dried, which can take as long as 24 hours, it’s time to smooth out the epoxy you applied. Use the sandpaper you gathered to remove any bumps or blemishes in the repair until it sits flush with the rest of the tub. Then, use a porcelain touch-up solution to cover the entire repair and help it blend in with the original color.

Do you have a chipped tub?

Before replacing it or attempting any repairs you’re not trained to complete, reach out to the team of experts at New Finish Tub and Counter. Our affordable porcelain tub repair services will have your bathroom sparkling like new without the hassles of trying to fix it yourself. That way you can get back to enjoying your oasis knowing the job’s been done the right way.

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March 30, 2023