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IMG_20150213_120840536_HDR.jpg   Note the rounded edges the granite LOOK (not real granite that's the point) and the ease of any reapir in the very rare event something happens.  Try doing THAT with a cracked or chipped granite slab!  Aint happening.

IMG_20150428_115912986_HDR.jpg Nice but VERY dated 2005 custom bathroom.  The tiles were odd-colored decos that were "in" for 20 minutes ---  ditto the brushed-nickle framed glass enclosure and doors.  So our secret plan?  Remove all the dated framwork and glass, refinish the entire bathroom in a "Corian" look ---  the tile winds up looking almost like Tuscany "tumbled" product --- timeless and classic ---  the grout lines are sealed the caulk lines too around all the cultured marble leaving this customer with a New Finished surface where it's much more difficult for mother nature to get a foothold, mold is therefore inhibited. on top of that without the glass (they chose to leave it off and go for the Poor Man's "walk in" shower) there are far fewer nooks and grannies for moisture to stagnate ---  all of this would run easily $25K if it were done the traditional tear-out and rebuild way.  New Finish charged this customer $3750. That was for the huge shower, door-removal, hole/grout filling, caulking, the oversized Jacuzzi tub, trim, steps, windowsills, and 2 extra large vanities plus cosmetic work-station.  THE number one observation we get as we're leaving and shaking hands is "You don't charge ENOUGH!"  True Statement.

IMG_20150330_132257542.jpg These were glorious in their day ---  the best Cultured Marble offered for your average million dollar home back when that meant something ---  alas all glory fades ---  but in THIS case New Finish had the technique to re-glorify 'em as "granite" for another decade or two of majesty.  OK we probably oversold that a little.

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