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Mature Lady Smiling
Darla Martin, Highland Village


I lost your card and got on one of those free web-boards (the one that's always in trouble for "escort" ads?) and found a guy who's plastered all over there in all caps.  He seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and the price was right... about $100 cheaper than you (and you're not bad) for a tub.   O.M.G. The first thing this clown did was badmouth the beautiful job you did on my vanities.  I should've listened to my inner-voice right then!   But I didn't.  Runs, drips, debris EVERYWHERE.  I wasn't even willing to pay the cheap price he charged, because I knew it was a horrible job.  My 12 year old neighbor kid could've done better!  Needless to say I tore my office apart, found your card, and you took care of everything.  I should have done that in the first place.  Have anyone who doubts this, call me!


Matthew--- Dallas.


Ted, we saw your work in a dear freinds' home and it was lovely!  We'd been agonizing for years what to do about our dated and odd-sized cultured-marble vanities:  do we tear them out,  re-do the whole room, what?  Then we found the answer!  The bathrooms look beautiful, modern and match the decor perfectly, and we didn't have to lift a finger!  Thank you so much (and sorry about the scheduling mix-up!)!

Saul and Alana--- Preston Hollow


SCAM ALERT!!! Well...  YOU WARNED ME!  You were right!  That guy who offered to do my kitchen for only $550, when you quoted $950 was working behind his boss's back!  He used the wrong product, did no prep work, left the edges square and it's already flaking off, and I haven't even moved into the condo yet!  Worst of all, I have no warranty as he's fired because his boss never authorized or even knew about the work.  What a mess.  I should have known better!  Stupid stupid stupid... 8^(

Kerry B---  Lewisville 


3 years ago you did my tile kitchen in "River Rock" and my wife loved it.  BUT, we just bought all new black fixtures, even a black sink and you re-did it again in 'Starry Nite' .  Stunning!  And with the repeat-customer discount it was shockingly affordable.  Brazilian granite was going to be 17K! ($17,000!)  You were a FIFTEENTH!!!  That's a fifth-freakin'-TEENTH!!! That's 1/15th!!! of that!  I'm blown away.  Again!


M Rielly--- Southlake



Those old cultured marble vanities look awesome now!  We can't wait to install the new oiled-bronze fixtures!  

Melinda K --- Plano


Our house sat on the market for 3 months with no offers.  New Finish does their thing in 4 bathrooms, including the huge double vanity, garden-tub jacuzzi and the double-headed shower (they removed the glass and made it look like a "walk in") and then within 10 days we're in escrow!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Mary J --- Coppell


Let me add this up...  I got my whole kitchen and backsplash, garden-tub, two huge vanities, upstairs bath-tub and surround plus the work-area and sink in the laundry room... all looking spectacular for--- well  I'm not saying--- it's nobody's business!  Let's just say it looks like I spent 20K!  I still can't believe it, and have about 5 people chomping at the bit to be next.  Thanks again!  (I'll be calling you)

Elaine C--- Arlington


You guys did a very good job for me, and more importantly the boss is happy.  Actually that's the only important thing!  I've been married 40 years for a reason!  Thanks again for the tub, vanity, kitchen--- and for touching up my stove for free.

Ken Congelosi--- Plano (NYPD retired)


"We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated with great respect, or tub looks wonderful, and I still can't believe it."

Darla Martin--- Highland Village

"Thank you so VERY much for the SafeWay-step.  After my hip surgery, I was told I'd have to spend $5,000 to convert my tub into a shower.  Everyone from Lowes to Home Depot to Empire and Re-bath all said the same thing.  You came out here in one day, made a bunch of noise, came out and smiled at me, went back in, made a bunch more noise,  and he'd cut a step through my tub and matched the color so it looks like it was manufactured that way.  I was shocked!  I've told all my friends they were wrong!  And all you charged was $800! $800???  I would have gladly paid 3 times that and considered myself lucky!  While I was marveling at the tub, you changed  the litter-boxes for me, saying you had to clean-up anyway.  You didn't have to do that, and I know it, and I'll never forget your courtesy, tact and kindness.  Some one raised you right!   You are a life-saver.  Thank you!

Beverly J--- Justin E


Disculpe me para Espanol pero tengo a decir te que bueno me decidia a usar Used!   Estaba obvio de la commece que su compania supe examente que hagan.  Mi banos y cocina apperecan incredible y la plata de todos ($1700) me sorpresa mucha porque ... pues... me imagina un trabajo como pintura o algo asi.  Que no!  Es hermosa, facil a limpiar y orgullo desde el dia hecho. Para todos pensiendo de "refinishing" este es un solucion tan bueno SI echo de personas profecionales, asi como  New Finish.  estoy bien contento!  Gracias por todos.

Luz  Zapateiro --- Highland Village


Wow!  I am selling my house and had to do something about that dated and discolored garden-tub and huge double vanities in my master bath.  In my area, buyers are VERY picky.  I still can't believe the difference and am kicking myself that I didn't do this years ago so I could enjoy it instead of making it so nice for someone else!  We've already received two offers!  My Realtor said she's going to require all sellers at least have a consult with New-Finish as a matter of course, before she puts anything on the market!

Jennifer W--- Trophy Club


My husband and I were agonizing over tearing out our old roman tub because it was so dated with that swirly gold faux-marble look from '78--ugh!  We thought we'd never find something to match the gorgeous new tile floors and vanities.  We needn't have worried.  Whatever that product you have that mimics the look of Corain, really did the trick!  It matches perfectly and looks like we spent a fortune on a custom tub too!   It must be a wonderful job always making people so happy! 

Carol Lee --- Richardson


OK, I admit it, I was a skeptic.  But thank god I found you.  I dreaded the idea of breaking up that classic 400lb (according to the tile guys) cast iron tub from the 30's and replacing it with a cheap piece of overseas pot-metal junk--- which is all that's available these days.  Not to mention the cost if I hired it out or the head and heartaches if I did it myself.  For under $400, you refinished the tub, replaced the drain and made it look as pretty as the day it was manufactured!  And most importantly, (and I do mean "most"!) my WIFE is thrilled!

John H (historical registrar of homes) --- Bonham, Tx


The refinishing work you've done for the hospital has been a very cost-effective and beautiful solution to the chipped and worn tubs in our maternity and pediatric wards.  We will be (and have been)  calling you again and again.

Norma N --- Plano Presbyterian Hospital


What a DIFFERENCE two days makes!  I'm stunned at the beauty of my "new" shower, garden-tub and huge double vanities, all done to match, all seamless.  Wow.  Just wow.  And for a cost no one will believe (and I'm not telling!)

Susan W --- Southlake

Jason Maxwell with Equity Enhancers of Dallas
A professional home staging team.

Thanks guys!  You've helped me stretch my clients' staging budget far more than I would have dreamed possible.   As a professional stager, the strategic upgrades of vanities, tiles, tubs and counters--- without spending a mint--- is absolutely critical.   The look of your glossy tubs is essentially new, and the 'stone' finishes are very high-end. ---Jason Maxwell Equity Enhancers

Many Realtors use New Finish to enahnce the look
and quality of their listings.

There is no question that a kitchen refinished in your 'stone' product shows far better than one left in the typical laminate-builder-tile combo.  It's an added plus the warranty goes with the house, too.  I also appreciate your discounted pricing for real-estate professionals because this is yet another service we can offer our customers for less than they could buy it direct. --- Russell Rhodes (Rhodes Realty, Flower Mound)