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Warranty Info: (unless otherwise specified)



All solid-color (usually gloss white) porcelain tubs and bathroom vanities are guaranteed against peeling, flaking and adhesion problems for 6 years.  

All chip, ding, scratch and crack repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.

Kitchen sinks are not covered, but if used carefully should give several years of service.

Kitchen vanities and counters are warrantied for 6 years.

Problems caused by chemicals, abrasives, dyes, leaking faucets, standing water, bathmats, tools, toys, bottles, (sharp blows in general) stuctural problems, improper installation (shower pans!), foundation movement , etc... are not covered by warranty but once cured, are easily repaired the for the price of a service call, in most cases.  Please be aware that although we take great care, old fragile wallpaper and paint will sometimes "pull" off when we remove the masking materials.    


Another word about bathmats!  Water, believe it or not is a mild solvent, as many of you might recall from your high school chemistry class.  And given enough time water will soften and cause to fail even our very durable finish!  When allowed to dry and essentially "re-cure" the molecular integrity on the first few layers of our finish return to normal, and live to fight another day, day after day for decades,  because the water never penetrates to the bonded surface.  However, if chronically wet it WILL fail. 

Bathmats are the worst of several worlds, because they not only trap stagnant moldy water, they have little suction-cups which abraid and then pull upwards on the surface as they're removed.  In the rare event there is an adhesion problem, 99% of them can be traced back to standing water (chronically dripping faucets) and/or bathmats!  Bathmats are a HUGE no-no!  So are leaking faucets! If there is a safety concern, please let us know!  We have heavy discounts available to those who need the added traction of a bathmat, in our "SRS" (skid resistant surface).

In fact, this is industry-wide and even spills (sorry!) over into brand-new acrylic fixtures. Standing or dripping water causes mineral-stains, and will ruin the gel-coat on a spanking-new $1500 acrylic tub too!  Furthermore a dripping faucet can easily waste hundreds of gallons a week!  Don't believe it?  Put a standard 3 gallon washbucket under your dripping faucet and time how long it takes to fill.  You'll be shocked.  Now multiply that by 24 hours.  Then by 7 days.  Then multiply THAT by how many dripping faucets in your home.  'Nuff said?


Please please please make sure all plumbing issues are repaired BEFORE we arrive!  Save yourself (and US!) time, money and frustration!  We are obliged to charge you a minimum of $150 to return and repair a problem which never should  have happened in the first place!  This helps no one:  It's a financial loser for us, and it causes you to erroneously assume that refinishing was a bad idea!  A very ill wind for all sides!








Cleaning and Care


Common household cleaners such as "409" or "Fantastik" do a wonderful job cleaning all resurfacing jobs, (particularly so since the nooks and crannies where moisture, mold and mother nature generally get a foothold are now largely sealed) and do not void the warranty.


(hint: just like the finish on your car, if you notice the beautiful gloss finish starting to dull after a year or two--- wax it!  That's right!  After a good cleaning, a hand-buffed coat of everyday car-wax will make your New-Finish tub shine and sparkle) 





Either one of these is an ideal cleaner