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Although every job is different, there is enough commonality for us to give you the following pricing guidelines:


  • Standard porcelain tub refinished in gloss white - starting at $350.
  • Standard 3-wall tile "surround"- starting at $350.
  • Typical cultured-marble "garden" or "roman" tub refinished in our "Corian" look-alike- starting at $450
  • Culture-marble vanity with molded wash-basin - starting at $225
  • Laminate kitchen counters to "corian" - from $695 to $3000 depending on size, difficulty and options.
  • Chip-repair (4) service-call, $175.
  • Handicapped, Safe-Way step (tub to shower conversion) starting at $995.
  • Check your mail for money-saving coupons, even if they're not from New Finish--- because 9 times out of 10 we'll honor or even improve on them.
  • Due to modern chemical and high-tech advances, refinishing as a concept is making a huge impact, and it's important that one get the facts of our industry.  We are happy to give referrals--- or warnings--- because we feel it's critical you talk to a reputable enterprise.  If we can't get to your job soon enough to suit, there are a few--- PRECIOUS few--- colleagues we're confident to recommend.   Beware the super-cheap price/warranty gimmicks!  If the price for the "same" job seems too-good-to-be-true--- as ever (and always) in life--- it is. Let experience and common sense be your guide.
  • Refinishing MAY NOT BE FOR EVERYONE!  Any refinished fixture--- be it with New Finish or anyone else--- will be 97% perfect.  But if that 3% in going to bother you then spend 5 to 10 times more for new!   We're looking for that customer who understands that even new isn't "new" (for long) and who is happy to make the shrewd compromise between price and "perfect".   Even with some trivial imperfections our customers are trilled with the unbelievable value realized by refinishing over replacing. 
  • Although we take great care, sometimes wallpaper and paint will "pull" with the masking tape when we remove our materials. Additionally, overspray while rare, is a calculated (albiet slight) risk.  The products we use are electrostatically attracted to other surfaces.  Some customers--- on rare occassions--- have been surprised to discover a light settling on fixtures which were well-covered or some distance from the actual process.  This is harmless and will either wear off under normal use (a doornob, floor-tile or barstool for example) or can be polished away with a little elbow grease and Pledge.

    Is Refinishing for YOU?

    Maybe NOT! 

    Wait...  what?

    Refinishing is a wonderful compromise between price and results however no refinishing job --- with New Finish or anyone else--- is ever going to be 100% flawless!  95-99%?  You bet!  But if that 5% going to bother you (and only YOU know that for sure!) then spend the extra money to buy new fixtures.  Sure it will cost you 5 to 10 times more... and sure even "new" isn't perfect--- or won't remain that way for long--- but we want that customer who understands there is a tiny trade-off (finding harmless but annoying settling or clinging for example) but sees beyond that to the unbelievable value anyway.  Big picture, folks!

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"Corian" look-alike over old laminate
A $1700 refinishing job looks like an $8,000 Corian counter.

A "rubbing" of the manufacture and date-stamp on a
5.5 ft. clawfoot made (look closely) April 28th, 1911. We do this as a courtesy.


An amazing transformation
This counter was blue and the back-splash, spaced with dark green "decos"

This was an interesting project and gave timeless
elegance to these fading "stone" pillars.