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You have probably seen some enticing ads on HGTV, DIY, TLC, Speed channel, etc... for the new RUSTOLEUM counter-top transformations.  And if what you want is a relatively cheap way to make old laminate look better, these are a good idea. 


We can't tell you anything about the longetivity, durability or toughness because they haven't been on the market that long.  These are (essentially) the same system used for painting garage-floors.  In fact your Rustoleum counters will bear a striking resemblance TO a garage floor!


Also, like the Do It Yourself bath-tub kits these are also an epoxy, which means they're prone to becoming flaky and brittle after 18 months or so. 


While we're sure their warraty will cover the cost of at least the kit when it fails, bear in mind you'll have to do even MORE work the 2nd... 3rd... 4th... time because you'll need to strip off the old stuff! 


The kits are about $400 a copy... and figure about $75 for consumable items (sand paper, cleaner, rags, masking paper, laquer thinner, rollers, gloves, masks, etc...) plus tax.  So about $500 for an average kitchen.  That's for the horizantal area.  It's not really practical or easy to do the full backsplash.  Also if you want to round-off the edges and corners (a MUST!)  you'll need a router ($150) a router-bit ($50) a belt-sander ($150) and a palm-sander ($50)


So add all that up and NEW FINISH will probably cost LESS.  We can do it right, do it once and give your counters that "living rock" almost organic high-end look, rather than the garage floor motif!


And don't forget, we can also do cultured marble vanities, tubs and tile, something Rustoleum products don't.


Best of all, and probably most important, if you hire us you don't actually have to DO anything.  This is always very popular.





NASCAR fans will LOVE their new counters!
And have them all to themselves after the divorce!