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Have you seen those very impressive before and after pictures some refinishers are so proud of?  The ones where giant holes and huge rusty areas are GONE?  LOTS of them on Craigslist!  HEAPS!  With the tired guy posing in his acrylic-stained battle-armor, his hair frosted by the primer, a noble rictus limning his Thousand Yard Stare softend by weary but victorious humility.  Makes ya proud to be an American.  Isn't that just the neatest thing they can DO that?  Yeah --- no.  They can't.  You'll never see an "after" taken say ---  6 months after.  When the rust creeps back.  Nope.  THOSE you won't see.  An interesting note ---  guys who DO post pics like that are generally greenpeas from the auto-body business who haven't learned that bath-tubs are not '67 Cameros.  They're awfully cute though, for a while.  Just beaming with that special pride only a premature "I KNEW I could!!" based on ingnorance can bring.  Then you meekly ask for your money back since the tub didn't last and you kinda suspected it on some level, but took a chance and now have decided to replace it and that $900 you handed over 6 months ago for tragically pointless body work would sure go a long way ---  half-way! --- towards installing a new one like that New Finish guy said and (why didn't I listen?) so.... good luck with all that!  Some tubs need to be replaced.  We don't DO that, but we will honestly tell you when YOU should.  Call and talk it out.  We don't bite.  Polishing the silverware on the Titanic does.  

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These guy really don't work here.  It's an Irish golfing team I think.  Just liked the pic, and also wanted to see if you are actually reading this.  Which I doubt.  Hence this caption.  Well done.


OK but Does it SMELL?  YESSSSS!!!  For a while. We use extremely powerful ventilators while we're working and leave them running until the last thing before we leave.  These bad-boys move over 2000 cubic feet of air a minute!  One can't even SHOUT over them while they're running!  (very loud process so be forewarned there too) And we use 100 feet of heavy plastic ducting to vent it well away from your house.  By the time we clear out the "messy" part is over but the smell will linger ---  say we do a kitchen (a two day process with clear-coat the 2nd day) ---  even though we've vented most  aerosolized particles while working,   there will always be a lingering and powerful odor for a few days.  It's not in dangerous concentrations and we've never had any serious (and credible) reactions but if you are susceptible to chemical smells ---  DON'T REFINISH!!!  We are essentially spraying a bed-liner INSIDE YOUR HOUSE with what amounts to a portable spray-booth.  It's going to leave some residue and it's going to leave some odor.  If this is a problem for you ---  DON'T REFINISH!!!  You've been duly warned!!!