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"I thought having it done wrong the first time meant bath tub refinishing wouldn't work!  Thanks for proving otherwise."

Buffed, polished and clear-coat on the 2nd day!
Stunning! We simply didn't believe it was possible.

To Catch a Contractor!

  We are one of the few (if not the only!) Refinisher with an A+ BBB rating AND "A+" on Angie's List.
To CATCH a CONTRACTOR!  Take a look at that new SPIKE TV show ---  and take a LESSON!  We started getting hundreds of warranty calls ---  unheard of! ---  in the last 6-12 months or so for peeling and flaking.
What?  Us?  That NEVER happens!
When we reasearch the complaint, sure enough, the job was NOT done by US, but by an imposter! 
Now we have to strip the bad job and re-do it again...  so the poor customer is stuck paying THREE TIMES!
1) Whatever you paid the interloper.
2) Whatever it costs to "strip" the old job.
3) Us --- to re-do it right. 
Be careful, folks.
 And everyone who works for us, or who will be answering the phone  here at the    ORIGINAL !!!     New Finish,  speaks flawless Texan. 
One of our guys even has a graduate degree in Western Literature,  and we never let him forget it.  He's a huge Mark Twain fan, which makes him somewhat tolerable.  
This is probably the quickest way to weed-out the numerous imposters which have been springing up like Black-Eyed Susans in the spring! 
And while we appreciate all the nice compliments  (immitation IS the sincerest form of flattery)  it's important for our customers to be protected from fraud and counterfiet.   
Here's another tip:  Google the PHONE NUMBER of any suspected fraudster.  You will then see all the other aliases they've been using over the years!  You're welcome!  ; ^ )
A full-service refinisher, New Finish provides state-of-the-art  tub, counter, vanity and appliance refinishing with an incredibly durable superstrate for residential, hotel, retail and hospital applications.
Using modern bonding chemistry, and the most up-to-date methods, primers and transition coats, the results are simply stunning.
"Beauty and brawn for years and years.  The actual original porcelain may not stand up as well (and indeed is not nearly as easily repaired).  It's quite remarkable."
"We received a coupon in the mail from a competitor but New Finish gave us the exact same discount--- and then some--- can't ask fairer than that." 

BTW:: DON'T give this project to the lowest bidder!  Stripping off a failed attempt 6 months hence will cost more than the cut-rate job did!  'Nuff said.

"Old Blue" 2003 Laminate Counter. Wow. Just wow.
Nothing physically wrong here. Just. well. LOOK at it.




Our services include:
    • All porcelain tubs.
    • Tile surrounds.
    • Cultured Marble vanities.
    • Garden, "Roman" and Jacuzzi tubs.
    • Tile counter-tops.
    • Laminate counter-tops.
    • Antique "clawfoot" tubs. 
    • Cultured Marble or Tile showers, and shower-pans.
    • Repair chips, cracks, rust etc...
    • Handicapped "cut-downs" (tub to shower conversions).
    • Fiberglass Repair
    • Now serving the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex,OKC,Austin, San Antonio
We provide FREE ESTIMATES: 214-960-9550 or use the Request an Estimate page.

Even the sink looks under-mounted now. Ready for Open House!